The Sacred Paths Center was home to many readers, healers, teachers, and clergy. Most are still offering their services through other community centers or their own studios:

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There are MANY more people who offered their services through the Sacred Paths Center's Healing Center, but we don't have current contact or services information from everyone. Those listed above are just those that people have asked about, or those who have provided their information to us - if you are an alumni of the center please email with an image of your business card (250 pixels wide at least please), contact information (where you want people to go or who you want mailed when they click the link), and what section of the directory you want to be in and we will add you to the directory.

Are you looking for someone?

If you are looking for someone who used to offer their services through the center, please email and we will try to help you get in touch with them.

Creative Kickstart Class by Nell Morningstar

Creative Kickstart Workshop

The Art Of Getting Unstuck

By Nell Morningstar

This Sunday, March 10 from 1 PM – 4 PM

A quick KIB* for artists, crafters, and all creative types. Whether you’re feeling burned out, overwhelmed, stuck in a rut, blocked or just underproductive, this workshop will tickle your motivation, sweep away the excuses, find the time, energy and resources to empower your creative life.

*Kick in the Butt

$20 (includes all materials)

For more information, or to register, please visit Nell’s Website

Twin Cities Tarot Guild meeting Sat, Feb 16 1-3 at Peace Coffee

The Twin Cities Tarot Guild is kicking off the 2013 year with it’s first meeting at the Peace Coffee Shop on Saturday, February 16th from 1 to 3.

Join us in the Brew Lab room for Peace Coffee’s great coffee and food, and to talk Tarot, share news about new or exotic decks, hear some exciting news about our member’s research in to the origins and history of Tarot, and help us plan our Tarot projects for 2013!

The Twin Cities Tarot Guild is a group for Tarot professionals, enthusiasts, and students in the Twin Cities.

We are readers, creators, artists, and dabblers, joining together to discuss and celebrate Tarot decks, practices, history, and esoterica.

We have no intention of supplanting any of the numerous, and quite wonderful, resources already available to the Twin Cities Tarot community — but we hope to add to it, to celebrate it, to help strengthen it, and to help provide resources for anyone curious or just becoming involved in one of the world’s largest Tarot communities.

Everyone is welcome, and our meetings and membership is free.

If you have any questions about our guild, or would like to comment, please email

A Weekend of Traditional Astrology!

Please join us Nov 16-18 for a weekend of traditional astrology with medieval astrologer and translator Dr. Ben Dykes.

Friday night lecture and Sunday seminar, come for one or both! What better to do while Mercury is retrograde than look to past wisdom.